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Body Health Systems - Whole Body Health

Although we define body systems as separate entities, they work together. To live well, we must realize this interdependence. If our body systems are not in balance, we risk losing our health. Whole body health is keeping all body systems in balance—it is the foundation of good health. No single body system is targeted—we make choices that keep all systems toxin-free and that supply all systems with optimum nutrition. The result is total wellness: every day, you wake up feeling great!

When things Go Wrong

When our bodies are out of balance—when a minor inefficiency in one system throws others out of kilter—the result is often obvious but hard to trace. This may result in such disorders as lack of energy and/or stamina, insomnia, chronic pain, stress, weight problems, and depression or serious problems such as cancers and immune system dysfunctions.

Why Things Go Wrong

An out-of-balance body is the result of lifestyle choices. If we are eating our “standard” diet, over- or under-eating, not exercising, or worrying about too many things, we may bring on an imbalance in our whole body health. Bad lifestyle choices can cause or contribute to a negative attitude toward life and dysfunctional relationships. Negative attitudes and angry thoughts produce toxic chemicals in the body that further contribute to imbalance—a vicious cycle.

To Maintain Whole Body Health

It’s no secret. Using the AIM Whole Body Nutrition products and living the Healthy Cell Concept® will put us on the path to whole body health. Whenever a problem arises, you should start with whole body health. Stay on that path and you will build your foundation to good health.


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This stuff is the real deal, folks! I have been taking Red Rush Nitric Oxide Boost for a week now. One shot two hours before working out (for me it's CrossFit), I have noticed an extreme boost in my muscle endurance and recovery time! I have tried a lot of pre-workouts out there and this one leaves them all in the dust! I have been experiencing the most natural-feeling energy from this product with no noticeable crash. It's all natural, certified vegan, certified non-GMO, and certified gluten-free!" Michael D.

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