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fit ’n fiber ® orchard peach - 16 oz/456 g powder

fit ’n fiber (orchard peach) 16 oz/456 g powder

AIM fit ’n fiber® orchard peach is an everyday fiber for safe, effective, consistent results. Featuring a pair of complementary fiber ingredients—psyllium and oat—along with seven other synergistic fiber and herb ingredients, fit ’n fiber contains the effective nutrients to help keep you regular, stem your appetite, and encourage a healthy weight.

  • Promotes digestive health and relieves irregularity
  • Aids in satiety and assists with weight management
  • Helps maintain cardiovascular health
  • Contains anti-fungal properties
  • Helps to regulate blood sugar

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    My family has used the Aim products for several years. Our daughter and her co-workers at a dental office in Michigan, use the computer most of the day, and were complaining of dry tired eyes. After a week of using the AIMega® Capsules they noticed a decided improvement, and now have no problem. Thanks to AIMega." Jill C.

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