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How Hypnosis Feels

Hypnosis, by definition, is a deeply relaxed, focused state; so when you're in hypnosis, you feel very relaxed, comfortable, peaceful, calm, secure -- all the very pleasant feelings that being relaxed entails. While this state, you can move your body, use all your five senses, and speak. You lose none of the abilities you have during normal wakefulness.

Not unlike other mental capacities, such as memory, imagination, visualization, and will power, your ability to enter hypnosis is, to some extent, unique to your psychological make-up. Some of the variables that determine whether and how deep a hypnotic state you will experience include:

  • Belief in your ability to enter a state of hypnosis
  • Your co-operation in following the therapist's instructions
  • Your conscious desire to enter hypnosis
  • Subconscious resistance
  • Past experiences with hypnosis
  • Trust in the hypnotherapist

Breathing deeply and slowly are a couple of indicators that virtually all subjects exhibit when going into an hypnotic trance. The eyes begin to feel drowsy and pleasantly heavy, wanting to close and remain closed. They tend to accelerate movement beneath the eyelids, which often flutter, as do the eyelashes. The mouth may feel dry, accompanied by a desire to lick the lips or swallow.

The experience of being in hypnosis also varies from one individual to the next. Some subjects report feeling a weightiness or heaviness in their chest, arms, legs, hands, or feet that they say as being very pleasant and comfortable. Others indicate a feeling of lightness or buoyancy of body and/or spirit, a bit like floating. Some relate having felt a slight tingle in their fingers or toes. Still others speak of drifting in and out of conscious awareness into a sleeplike state. Colors and imagery may appear more vivid. Memories, perhaps long forgotten, may be recalled. In virtually every case, however, the subject comments on how relaxed and peaceful they feel, and how a sense of ease and comfort takes over.


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