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Examples of Hypnotherapy

There has not yet been a conclusive scientific explanation of how hypnosis works, so therefore, there is still some mystery surrounding the topic of hypnosis. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that virtually everyone, at sometime in their life, whether they were aware of it or not, has experienced hypnosis spontaneously.

Think back to a time when you were totally engrossed reading an inspired, well-written, highly descriptive novel. How about the experience of feeling totally captivated while watching an exhilarating movie? You know, the one where the characters came to life and took you with them on their adventures so totally that you forgot where you really were. You became really quiet, and totally engrossed. Time stood still, and maybe you were unaware of your own body or the activity around you. This is a hypnotic state.

Can you remember that time driving down the freeway on a long-distance trip by yourself, or during your daily commute, when the hum of the tires on the road, sitting in one position, and the music on the radio quietly lulled you into a state of relaxation? Your conscious mind drifted away to past memories, a conversation with a friend, or perhaps you were rehearsing a speach you were going to give. Were you so inwardly focused that you actually missed the exit? Were you surprised that your hour long trip only seemed like ten or twenty minutes? Once again, you were experiencing a spontaneous hypnotic state.


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