AIM Red Rush2.5 fl oz/74 ml, 12-pack

Red Rush Nitric Oxide BoostAIM Red Rush® contains concentrated beet juice that generates a nitric oxide boost, providing improved physical endurance. Each 74 ml shot delivers 500 mg of beet nitrate, which the body converts to beneficial nitric oxide.

Red Rush contains no caffeine, no stimulants and no ephedra!!

  • Elevates physical performance
  • Boosts circulation
  • Magnifies oxygen utilization
  • Relaxes smooth muscle
  • Enhances muscle performance
  • Increases stamina naturally
  • Decreases fatigue by reducing lactic acid buildup
  • Promotes fast, full recovery

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    AIM Red Rush/Berkeley Test® pack Two 12-packs Red Rush, 10 Berkeley Test strips (foil wrapped)

    Red Rush Nitric Oxide BoostRed Rush™ contains concentrated beet juice that generates a nitric oxide boost, providing improved physical endurance. For performance, stamina, and recovery, the body craves an infusion of nitric oxide through whole-food, natural sources. Red Rush meets this need with a highly concentrated beet juice shot. Nitric oxide significantly impacts blood flow and oxygenation, two keys to improving athletic and physical performance. Included in this pack are 10 foil-wrapped Berkeley Test® nitric oxide strips which monitor the amount of nitric oxide in the blood before and after drinking Red Rush. These strips can be used to test your personal nitric oxide levels or by Business Builders as a marketing tool to promote Red Rush.

  • Monitor nitric oxide levels with 10 Berkeley Test® NO strips

  • Regular Price: $106.50 USD

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